Prof. JUAN is looking for photos in his warehouse.

Prof. JUAN set a photography exhibition up in the Art space in the Tainan Eslite Bookstore and was tired to rest on the floor. Oct, 1999.

Prof. JUAN has filled all the books that he published in Yilan's TAIWAN story space for the public to read. Dec, 2018.

Prof. JUAN exhibited his Leica camera and enlarger at the retrospective of the Yilan Art Museum. June, 2017.

Professor JUAN, I-Jong is in the office in Yilan.

SHIY, De-jinn painted JUAN, I-Jong. 1970.

In 2000, I worked in 'Photographer international (bimonthly) magazine'.

There were often visiting our editorial where someone from photographers.
The picture was Magnum's photographer Mr. Steve McCurry (at the right side), and in the middle of the picture was Mr. JUAN, I-Jong, and at the left was the magazine director YUAN, Yao-yao, they were talking about a new photo book that would be published.

Mr. JUAN, I-Jong took pictures in the countryside, Nan’ao. Dec, 1996.

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